Friday, November 14, 2014

Handmade Layered Paper Flowers

You can make these layered flowers in any size you want. These are 4" flowers with 9-10 layers. You can make as few as three layers. I used them on a background in my booth as an "eye-catcher" to draw people to my display.

I make my circles in increments of 1/4". I prefer handmade to machine made -- but the circles can be cut from a die machine, Silhouette/Cricut type cutting machine, or circle cutter. I started making them by tracing bowls and measuring cups, but now I use an old 8" Coluzzle template. 

These are EASY to make.

Cut your circles in same increments, i.e. increase or decrease the sizes by the same measurement.
3"  etc.

Fold each circle three times.
 If using thicker paper like cardstock, use a bone folder.

The wider you make the petal shape, the wider the individual petals will be. Just don't cut all the way up to the point. Stop at least 1/4" to the top. The point is the center of your petal.

Turn over and repeat the cut starting at bottom center.
You will do this for each folded circle.

Open up all your pieces. They won't be perfect but they are handmade :) 

I shape the tips of each petal slightly upward, with my scissors blade.
This is an optional step. 

Stagger each later and glue at centers. 
I have added a matching fringed flower but any embellishment can be 
used -- a button, large rhinestone, crochet knot, etc.

Many types of paper can be used. This is embossed vellum. 

Solids using two-sided scrapbook paper.

Themes using printed scrapbook papers.

The leaves are oval shapes, folded in half lengthwise and fringed with scissors. 

I bought 12 sheets of bright two-sided paper at Target in the $1 Spot Bin to make these. The best paper I've ever used. My mother used all 12 at a Fiesta theme luncheon.


This is what my backboard looked like in 2006.

The next year, I made large 8" flowers as my eye-catchers

I submitted this "Locker Hanging" for a magazine project but it wasn't accepted.
The 3" center is where a mirror would be placed.

Matching flower on a purse.
The link to instructions to make this paper clutch is HERE

And lastly, a flower on a card.

If you try this flower technique, let me know what you think and how you use it.

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Quilled Turkey Card - Repost

I am working on a new post, but it is driving me crazy to click and see all the Halloween stuff. Meanwhile, I am reposting an easy quilled card from last year.

Have a great weekend! 

Body: 24", Head: 8", Wattle: 6", Beak: 4", Feathers: 9"

Feet: 2" fold in half, accordion fold three times, trim ends before gluing


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Quilled Eyeballs from Archives

This is an oldie for my new followers. I ran across these the other day and I am thinking about making them larger (really big) to send to the grandkids next week :-) I will definitely post a photo if I get this done. (Didn't get it done, sigh)

The original 2009 post with instructions for eyeballs and the tiny box is HERE .

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy October Festivals & Fun

Happy October!

If you are in the Fayetteville, AR area (home to the University of Arkansas Razorbacks) or know anyone who is, please spread the word. There will be a big harvest festival this Saturday, Oct 4, and admission is free. My jewelry will be at the Suzy's Ozark Wreaths booth. Here is a sample of my jewelry ($5 & $10). 

I will be posting more about Suzy's wreaths, her website and Etsy store after the sale. These are the most gorgeous wreaths I have ever seen. I proudly own two!

Suzy also makes  beautiful table centerpieces. 

For more information about the fall festival on October 4, visit their

Have a fabulous October, y'all!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Fall Y'all

From the archives:

I don't make many cards but this is a favorite autumn card. I used paper from The Autumn Splendor Stack (DCWV). The piece leftover after trimming, fit perfectly as the envelope lining. I used spiced marmalade Distress Ink to cover the core white edges of the card and layer pieces. The message piece is raised.

Both papers have a gold foil print on them.

I also used quilled sticker leaves from my Provo Craft Stand Out line (no longer available). I have project ideas for those exact quilled leaf motifs, 8 different shapes & colors and basic instructions how to make the quilled leaves.

Have a great week :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Quilled Hats

Happy September!

I am going through boxes and throwing away a lot of things I no longer need. It is so, so difficult. I came across this hat. I sold a ton of these for framing on eBay in 2002 to The Red Hat Society ladies. I realized that I am that age now :o) 

The hat is 2" x 4.5" and made with two crimped loose circles. The bow is 3/16" feather-edged ribbon. The purple paper is faded a bit. Here is a link to my Easy Quilled Hat with specs and instructions.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Thought for Tuesday

This is not a finished project, only something I am playing around with until I get it right. Thanks to Paula Hogue's encouragement, I learned the "beehive" technique and was able to quickly fill in the rows and black areas. The crown is 7.5" x 6". The lighting was awful when I took the photograph, but you get the idea :o) 

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

New Items - Quilling Supply Plus

Quilling Supply Plus has so many unique items for quilling and paper crafting. These animal magnet kits made with corrugated paper strips look so fun -- and everything is included in the kit; no tools needed. There are SIX different kits and more! 

Click the link under the photo to go to the New Items page. I love the 3D Star Kits, too! These prices are unbeatable and they ship Internationally!

Everyone have a fabulous first week of August :o)
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Easy Small Container or Gift Box

Holly @ Ribbons and Glue blog has an excellent tutorial for how these boxes are made, using only one 12"x12" sheet of card stock. I also used two sided card stock and these really are easy to make. 

First, this big plastic container of clips sits out getting dusty. I move it around so often that I never can find it when I need a clip. I used these three boxes for storage.

Now they have a place in a drawer. I clipped one on each box so I will know the sizes inside. (Not my best photo.)

You can see where this box has extra pieces glued to the inside-bottom for more support (see tips below). 

I bought this delicious tea (from Sri Lanka) at the Dollar Tree -- I drink and love it!  

The three packaged flavors fit perfectly inside and this is a very lightweight gift to mail to my crafty sister-in-law in Chicago.  

I left the flap outside of the box and used cotton cord, fraying the loose ends. Lori of ItsLorraine on Etsy made me a dozen beautiful assorted flowers as a gift -- and this one I am using is perfect. The finished box is 6" wide, 2.5" deep and 3" tall.


The two pieces trimmed off, when cutting and folding the scored lines, are the exact size to glue inside the boxes. Adhering to opposite sides or the bottom, gives a little extra strength to the box.   

Fold the top flap the opposite way and back if you find it doesn't want to stay inside the finished box.

I made these using a 6" score board. I score and turn the paper over to finish. I can't remember the last time I used my larger board. You can also use a ruler and stylus or embossing tool to score.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vintage Quilling Kit

I received an email from a crafter in Russia last week. She is young and commented on my 70s vintage quilling. So I decided to look in my box of vintage kits.

I opened this Quill-It kit dated 1976; the photo is very faded. There are two shades of red paper plus many enclosures. The geranium flowers aren't something I would make. 

Also inside was an actual size pattern to slide under "wax paper". A full sheet of quilling information for beginners. Two large pages of green paper for leaves and sheets of black and red cardstock for the flower pot. A booklet, sort of a mini catalog, to order supplies. I am blown away at the $1.75 lap board. I still have mine and the soft board is indestructible -- the best ever made. 

And my favorite item, the corsage pin. This is what I learned to quill with and every kit contained one.

I decided to start making a friend the red snowflakes I promised about three years ago. Her Christmas tree is solid red ornaments and she requested red. The 1/4" wide vintage paper is very thick and easy to work with. 

Just a reminder it's not too early to start making snowflakes. This is a basic 20 piece snowflake design. The 3" center, 3" ribbon holder and six pieces of three different shapes.

Many other patterns are here:  Snowflakes

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Simple Quilled Project ~ Keep It Simple

Summer begins on Saturday so I wanted to change out my Spring subway art sign in the entry way. I was looking for something simple on Pinterest because I am out of two printer ink colors. I found this cute, free bicycle printable at The 36th Avenue blog -- three colors are available.

I printed one in black and white. 

I added some pre-made quilling pieces I had left over from another project .. and sort of followed the printed design. 

It is simple, but I like how easy it was and how it turned out.

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