Friday, November 22, 2013

Handmade Holiday Bookmarks

Handmade bookmarks make nice, inexpensive holiday gifts. Six 2.5" x 5.5" bookmarks can be printed on one sheet of cardstockPlace quilled elements or other 3D embellishments on the top half of the bookmark. I used a circle punch on the top corners of the middle one and a corner rounder punch on other two.

Instructions for the quilled leaves can be found on my website here: Fall Leaves

Poinsettia: red petals are 6", green leaves are 8" and center tendrils are 1/2" using bright yellow 1/16" wide.

Hanging Miniature Snowflake: 1/16" wide bright white strips, center and marquise are 1", hanger, tight rolls and closed hearts are 1.5" long.

Happy Friday!
Have a fabulous weekend. (Stay warm :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Olive, the Other Reindeer

I found a box I have been looking for over the past three years. It had all my prototype quilled stickers I designed that Provo Craft didn't accept. It also has three small tablets filled with all the instructions for the 64 SKUs they did accept and manufacture. I really thought that the box was accidentally lost in the move. 

The line in Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer that says 'all of the other Reindeer...', is sometimes misheard as Olive, the other Reindeer. In 1997, author Vivian Walsh wrote a children's book featuring a Jack Russell Terrier as Olive, the other Reindeer. The book was made into a film in 1999. Maybe someday, Olive will be just as much a part of the Reindeer story as Rudolph and Blitzen.

Happy Friday, have a Fabulous Weekend!

Monday, November 4, 2013

More Miniature Quilling

Happy November! I hope your month started out wonderfully and you are making time for some crafty fun this month.

Lately, I keep wanting to grab the thin English strips and work on miniatures. I made another tiny bottle necklace but not for the store. This one is for my niece who is a cancer survivortwice! She had a total Laryngectomy earlier this year with many complications. She has adjusted very well to speaking with a prosthesis. I am so proud of her and want to surprise her with this necklace.

Three hearts, three flowers, the larger have centers on both sides - paper and Swarovski, pink ribbon with a crystal and a bit of confetti

Have a great week! xo