Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

I came across these two cards recently; they are examples of cards I made for our recovering, wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital. They remind me of how I used to make time to do these types of things, it was most often on a craft message board. We would do these projects as a group. I really do miss the time I had in the days before Facebook, Twitter, blah blah blah :o)  I remember getting a link from my niece saying "You have got to join this group, it is the most fun way to waste time - ever." It was Facebook! LOL I do recognize the benefits of social media, I just wish I could minimize my time on it.

 I think the hearts would look great as red and green for a holiday card.

There have been many changes over the years for sending holiday cards to patients at Walter Reed.  The information can be found here. If you are like me (slow, procrastinator) it is not too early to start on a Christmas holiday project.

Everyone ~ have a safe and fun holiday weekend. 
Happy end of May!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Miniature Quilled Paper Chocolates

The 2013 NAQGCON (North American Quilling Guild) Conference in South Bend, IN .. a few weeks ago, was so much fun that I cannot even describe! I knew it would be, but did not know how fabulous the facilities and planning (by hostess Shelly Krzyzewski Thacker)  would be. The Waterford Estates Inn was the perfect venue, huge rooms - sleeping, dining, meeting - and the three days flew by. The theme was "Sweets" and we were asked to make our own quilled name tag using the sweets theme.

I made this two-inch tray of miniature dark and white chocolates that are in Diane Boden Crane's book titled Miniature Quilling, with a few variations of my own :o)


This quilled floral arrangement, created by Elaine Altmose, won 1st Place in the Free Standing category and was also voted Peoples' Choice. Yes, the vase is all quilled and the mums are quilled petals not punched leaves. 

During the awards dinner, Elaine gave her winning piece to Motoko Nakatani (Maggie) from Japan, since Maggie gave Elaine her quilled Accreditation piece last year. Maggie and two other members from Japan attended and there were two gentlemen in my class. Members from Canada and as far away as San Diego and south Florida attended. 

Elaine Altmose with her 1st Place blue ribbon and Peoples' Choice rosette ribbon and Maggie with the quilled floral arrangement, which really shows how large it is. 

This is how many items were donated for the raffle drawings. The prizes were wonderful!

When photos are released, I will post more photos and pieces that were submitted in the competition.

NAQG membership is worldwide. To join, go to NAQG.

Have a great week!