Thursday, May 26, 2022

Tags. Are they really inexpensive, easy and fun to make?

 YES, I think so. I've decided to start making "all occasion" tags and gifting to my daughter in an organized... something, I haven't decided what.  πŸ˜ƒ

I made tags 15 or so years ago for my mother, back when I hand-embossed a few and used one of those silver "office" hole punches. They were cut on a trimmer, no die-cuts available. I rounded the bottom corners, tracing a curve with a penny or dime, and fussy cutting.  

I make it easy by using one or three (always odd numbers) quilled elements on a single tag. I know of a guy who had a fit over a small tag with his name, one quilled fish element, and tied around a bottle of wine. It was a dinner-host gift and he enjoys fishing. He showed each guest as they arrived. 

As you know, Etsy, eBay crafters sell tags by the dozen. I think most people don't want, or don't know how, to make tags and it saves them time. Selling online, craft fairs, holiday sales parties-- oh my gosh, Christmas tags are hard to pass up.

Easy. Used punch on the divider cards you get in those craft store photo boxes. Love the lines. You could line cardstock on a printer and do this. No big scalloped punch? Make circles or squares (shape the corners).

Labor intensive 😁, a past thing. I quilled some flowers on the tag to match the gift paper. Retiring the photo.

I have no idea what this was for, but an idea for printing a message or quote instead of stamping. I used this daisy paper a lot with the daisy quilled stickers. Horrible angled corners on top, yikes, don't do this. 😬

I admit, I over-do holiday/winter tags during watching Christmas in July videos, but this is a more simple tag using scraps. I cover front first, then trim and shape corners. I use the backs of tablets mostly and don't stamp To & From. This type of cardboard is easy to use a marker, no bleed-through. 

And the basic quilled element on small folded tag to stick on a card, package (or a bottle of wine πŸ˜‰).

If you feel creative and don't want to jump into a big project, make a stack of tags using leftover quilling elements (and scraps). When you need one you'll have a selection to look through. 

Stay safe and well.

xo, Molly