Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A tisket, a tasket ..

quilled eyeballs in a basket!

  • 6" black for the pupil
  • 12" any color for the iris
  • 72" of bright white Lake City paper - yes, three strips of paper. If you use another brand and the paper is thick, use less (60")
I shaped the tightroll on a 1/2" round dowel (wooden, marble, hard foam) and brushed tacky craft glue inside first. When that dried I brushed a coat of Beacon Liquid Laminate on the top. A red Sharpie ultra fine point works best for the squiggles.

Credit for this eyeball pattern goes to Patricia, the owner of Whimsiquills. Thank you, Pat!

Do you like the tiny box? I think these would be perfect for any holiday and it takes so little to fill them up. I am not an illustrator by any means, but I did make this quick template to show how easy the box is to make with a 4"x4" piece of cardstock. The bottom is 1" wide so score in at 1-1/2" on two sides first. I forgot to indicate that on the template but most people would figure it out.

Thanks for stopping by :)