Thursday, February 25, 2021

 The White Rose of Yorkshire

I have my fingers crossed the UK Quilling Guild conference will be held in York, England this year in September. I made this quilled white rose for a friend who will host me if it's not canceled again. The history of the York White Rose goes back to the 14th Century and currently serves as a symbol of the county of Yorkshire. 

I printed out a simple Yorkshire rose in black and white for the pattern. I outlined the pattern using 1/8" black strips and then glued white to the black on the inside; same with the inner circle. The greens and yellow center are traditional quilling shapes and I filled in the rose using the easy (and fast) beehive technique. I use short strips when I do the beehive and add a bit of glue to every other piece as I fill in. There are many videos on YouTube showing how to do the beehive quilling technique and different ways to use it. The black accents are cut out of black paper and glued down last. 

This is about 5-inches wide and I will frame it after putting quilled initials in the corner. Remember to sign and date the back of ALL your quilled projects, whether you keep them, sell them or give away. You don't know who will end up with them one day. 

Have a wonderful day, be well and safe. 


P.S. Enjoy the last few days of February. 🌺

Sunday, January 31, 2021

 Hello, February!  🌺

Quilled hearts for Valentine's, or any time, are very easy. Make two loose circles the same size, shape each into a teardrop and glue sides together. 

I have a few examples and instructions, and how to get centers at the tops, on my web page HERE.

Enjoy what you do and be well! 


Sunday, January 3, 2021

Hello 2021! 

I hope you are recovering from the holidays and starting the year off with fun ideas and plans for lots of crafting. I found some 2021 planners (daily, weekly, monthly) at the OneGoodThing blog... they are FREE to download. I don't use them every day, but they are perfect to plan for special occasions, events, lists or just to organize your thoughts. 

Thank you, Jillee!  

2021 Printable Planners  

I recently purchased the book "Quilling Art" by Sena Runa and this is one of the more simple patterns I decided to try. This is my first attempt to do a project using the on-edge, also referred to as outlining technique with added quilling. 

I used 1/4" Quillography cardstock strips. This is on a background of approximately 5" x 5" (the frame is photoshopped for show). I added a small flatback Swarovski crystal at the top of the heart. 

Well, it is a start. I want to create more projects and I'm thinking lots of Spring colors. 

Thank you for stopping by. Stay safe and be healthy.

~Molly  🌻