Thursday, March 11, 2021

From the Archives - St. Patrick's Day

March is flying by so quickly. 

I found this in a box and laughed at the order of the rainbow colors. What was I thinking?  😲 This was in one of the NAQG newsletters back when I was doing theme elements, so I looked up the measurements to share here.

Shamrock - Four Leaf Clover: 4" teardrops made into hearts

Pot of Gold: 36" loose circle shaped, 3" handles (wrapped around a dowel and shaped), 3" tight rolls for feet

Gold: 1.5" loose circles

Rainbow: 5" spirals

Clouds: eccentric loose circles, various lengths from 3" (3), 6", 8" (3), 10" and 12"

Have fun and be safe. 💚