Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Making Paper Jewelry ... again!

First and foremost, I want to thank those who have kept in touch with me during my absence from blogging and social networking. Although my Etsy stores are temporarily closed and I am never on Twitter and hardly on Facebook -- I'm well and alive! I am very blessed at this time to be able to spend these months with my parents. The only problem is .. I have no extra time to spend online.

I have started to make more paper jewelry with a few new techniques. I found some fabulous spacer beads that cover up the bead holes. After practicing with different ways of rolling the paper, I created a brand a new shape that I plan to reveal at the CHA summer show in Chicago. It makes a very unique focus bead.

And the bestest news, is a friend of my Mother has offered to give me a jewelry show - a first for me. This particular friend stays busy running a company, so I will keep my fingers crossed that it does happen. She has a very large home to host the perfect party.

Meanwhile, I am loving working with bright summer paper colors. Lots of earrings are in the works, as well. The washed blue, frayed denim paper is still a favorite. This is a set I made for my cousin who lives on a ranch. I used the smaller round beads for a simple pair of dangle earrings. I hope she likes it :o)

click to enlarge