Sunday, January 16, 2022

Favorites to Start the New Year

A belated happy 2022 to everyone! Below are a few favorite sites I want to share, plus quilling conference news.

Miriam's Quilling

This is my new favorite channel to visit often if not daily. Miriam's creations are amazing and her videos are very brief. She demonstrates how to create everything in the entire project. She lives in Romania. Check out her last 2021 video, first. 

Lively Paper Creations

This is the Etsy store where I purchased 1mm paper strips like Miriam uses in some of her projects. YES 😲, one millimeter wide paper strips. This is the store Miriam recommends on her channel. 

Yulia Shorts

Yulia Brodskaya's YouTube channel of "shorts" from her fabulous paper illustrations is a must see. Her last masterpiece included a large open ended loose coil, so she does continue to use quilled shapes other than her colorful tight rolls. There is so much to see in her very short videos.


Finally (yay), there will be a quilling conference this year after two years of covid restrictions. It will be held May 13-14 in Springfield, Illinois. All information is on the website.

Be well, stay warm!
Molly 🌹