Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Simple Quilled Project ~ Keep It Simple

Summer begins on Saturday so I wanted to change out my Spring subway art sign in the entry way. I was looking for something simple on Pinterest because I am out of two printer ink colors. I found this cute, free bicycle printable at The 36th Avenue blog -- three colors are available.

I printed one in black and white. 

I added some pre-made quilling pieces I had left over from another project .. and sort of followed the printed design. 

It is simple, but I like how easy it was and how it turned out.

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~Molly xo

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Getting Organized - Boxes for Memory Boxes

I've been making some topless boxes to put in my new boxes and want to share the process. These are so easy to make and fit in a memory box.

This is what I've stored my ring findings and materials in -- forever.


I didn't photograph my paper trimmer and I used cardstock paper. Also if you have a score board you won't need the ruler/embosser. 


4 ... 5 x 3.5"  (size of paper before scoring = 7 x 5.5")
2 ... 4 x 6.5"  (size of paper before scoring = 6 x 8.5")
2 ... 7 x 6.5"  (size of paper before scoring = 9 x 7.5")

Score 1" on all four sides and fold.

Make two 1" cuts on both ends & fold in the 1" square tabs.

I used a piece of tape on each corner. Tabs can be on the inside, outside -- however you want them.

I went back and added packaging tape to the ends to make the boxes more sturdy.


Using scraps, I trimmed the length to the same as the width of the box and made a score down the center. My box sides are 1" so I scored 7/8" on both sides of the center score line and made a valley fold. I added glue and tape runner as shown.

After it was glued in the box, I added a piece of packaging tape on both sides to secure it better.

This is the middle layer. I didn't take a pic of the bottom layer (four boxes-see pic above). It only contains notes, some business cards and info where I buy my findings.

This is the top layer and there is room for my ring mandrel.

Better organized and in a larger container with room to grow.

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~Molly xo