Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Mini Quilled Carrots - Archives

Wow, this post is only 11 years old, and I changed most of the wording since things have changed so much in quilling. These are last minute elements for Easter card/envelope, tags, napkin holders, place cards, scrapbooks, picture frame, Easter thank-you card, etc; three quick carrot styles to make. 

Carrot: 1/8" x 7" tight roll. Shape with a small, pointed dowel and glue inside.

Green leaves: 1/4" x 2.5" strips. Fringe down the edge of the 2.5" strips. Roll around toothpick and glue end. Insert into carrot top halfway and glue. When dry, spread fringe outward with fingertips. 


Carrots: 1/8" x 12" loose roll. Shape in a long teardrop.

Green leaves: 1/8" x 3" pieces. Make three 1/2" loops the same height (accordion folds) and spread out before gluing at bottom. Trim each fold in half lengthwise, making six thin leaves for each carrot. 


Carrots: 1/8" x 7" tight rolls. Shape with a small, pointed dowel and flatten with fingers.

Green leaves: 1/8" x 1" pieces. Cut slivers of paper at various lengths. Glue ends individually into top of carrot until full.

These are my favorite for the cards because they lay so flat.

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Have a blessed Easter. 🌷


Idea: A small tag with "For You" add three carrots, hang tag with pretty ribbon around a bottle of wine for a hostess... Awesome! Or bring it for the person who arranged a restaurant Easter brunch. If you are like me, and aren't going to a brunch this year, make a tag anyway and who knows what next year will bring. Non-alcoholic Welches Sparkling White Grape Juice is another gift suggestion.