Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Torn Bear Technique

Happy August!

I am so happy to be back blogging again. Where did June and July go? I was going stir-crazy while trying to get over pneumonia. My mind had a ton of ideas but my body said it wanted to sleep all day.  I started some torn bear appliques but never finished. This is still on my to do list!

If you have never tried the tear bear technique, all you need is:
Mulberry paper (its comes in all sizes and thicknesses)
shapes (I use wood shapes but you can use anything to draw around or freehand)
paint brush

Draw the desired shape around the template (or freehand) with a wet paint brush.

Carefully tear all around the wet area pulling inward.

The wet area will quickly dry.

Here are a few pieces I did about six years ago. Embellishing the pieces is the fun part. Sorry that the photos are so small, but you will get the idea :)

For twins!

I sprayed this tree with gold glitter. So pretty in person :)

I sold this holiday group on eBay.

Thanks for looking!