Friday, November 14, 2014

Handmade Layered Paper Flowers

You can make these layered flowers in any size you want. These are 4" flowers with 9-10 layers. You can make as few as three layers. I used them on a background in my booth as an "eye-catcher" to draw people to my display.

I make my circles in increments of 1/4". I prefer handmade to machine made -- but the circles can be cut from a die machine, Silhouette/Cricut type cutting machine, or circle cutter. I started making them by tracing bowls and measuring cups, but now I use an old 8" Coluzzle template. 

These are EASY to make.

Cut your circles in same increments, i.e. increase or decrease the sizes by the same measurement.
3"  etc.

Fold each circle three times.
 If using thicker paper like cardstock, use a bone folder.

The wider you make the petal shape, the wider the individual petals will be. Just don't cut all the way up to the point. Stop at least 1/4" to the top. The point is the center of your petal.

Turn over and repeat the cut starting at bottom center.
You will do this for each folded circle.

Open up all your pieces. They won't be perfect but they are handmade :) 

I shape the tips of each petal slightly upward, with my scissors blade.
This is an optional step. 

Stagger each later and glue at centers. 
I have added a matching fringed flower but any embellishment can be 
used -- a button, large rhinestone, crochet knot, etc.

Many types of paper can be used. This is embossed vellum. 

Solids using two-sided scrapbook paper.

Themes using printed scrapbook papers.

The leaves are oval shapes, folded in half lengthwise and fringed with scissors. 

I bought 12 sheets of bright two-sided paper at Target in the $1 Spot Bin to make these. The best paper I've ever used. My mother used all 12 at a Fiesta theme luncheon.


This is what my backboard looked like in 2006.

The next year, I made large 8" flowers as my eye-catchers

I submitted this "Locker Hanging" for a magazine project but it wasn't accepted.
The 3" center is where a mirror would be placed.

Matching flower on a purse.
The link to instructions to make this paper clutch is HERE

And lastly, a flower on a card.

If you try this flower technique, let me know what you think and how you use it.

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Quilled Turkey Card - Repost

I am working on a new post, but it is driving me crazy to click and see all the Halloween stuff. Meanwhile, I am reposting an easy quilled card from last year.

Have a great weekend! 

Body: 24", Head: 8", Wattle: 6", Beak: 4", Feathers: 9"

Feet: 2" fold in half, accordion fold three times, trim ends before gluing