Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Christmas in July


I have been watching the same YT channel every July forever, and I decided to see what else is out there for Christmas in July. This link is filtered for videos this month only, so there are even more if you do your own search without filtering. 

YouTube Christmas in July Crafts


Leaves 4" shaped marquise

Petals 3" marquise

Center 2" loose coil

Six Point Snowflake:

Center 3" loose coil, teardrops 2.5", T-shape 2.5", 3" loose coils -- in this order

Open ovals glued to center between each point are 2" wrapped around a dowel, glue end and shape. I cut off one end of a Q-tip and use the stick as a dowel. If the end of the paper you started with sticks out in the open space, just glue it down. This usually happens.

The ring glued to top of snowflake for the ribbon tie, is 2" wrapped around a 6mm diameter dowel. I use the handle of a quilling tool.

If you prefer larger pieces, add in increments of 1/2" in length to these measurements.  All quilling strips are 1/8" wide.

I paid a mint for this bag a while back, I think at Michaels in the wedding section. I looked on Amazon and you can get100pc 3"x4" organza (not mesh) bags for $8, 100pc 4"x6" for $9 and 50pc of the larger bags for around the same price. There are so many choices of colors. 

I purchased the gold edged paper at JJ Quilling in the UK. These gilded edge papers are now available in the U.S. at Quilled Creations. My favorite is the Silver Holofoil on any color paper. This project was for a magazine, and they wanted shiny and gold everywhere.

A nice gift to make early if you know someone expecting. A great selling project too. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Molly xo