Monday, June 20, 2011

Be Inspired: Free-form Quilling

This was part of my display at a show in 2005. I wanted to use it in my book but the editors selected other projects for the wedding-scape section. Everything I quill is original so I have different ways for getting inspiration for a new quilled project.  This is one way I become inspired-- with pictures.

I found this picture of a white wedding hat and it was my inspiration for the framed table piece.  The big rose is what caught my eye.

This was the finished piece. I printed the text on vellum and slipped in the frame so it could be removed.

I used 3/8" wide crimped white paper strips for the hat. Tiny pearls were glued the the centers of 1/8" punched and shaped flowers. The flowers were used to cover the top of the hat after three roses, four fringed flowers and tendrils were applied. A long spiral strip was glued under the hat brim and on the top-front, and a small satin ribbon bow was added.

Use pictures for inspiration when needing a pattern for free-form quilling.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quilled Trophy and Blue Ribbon Elements

Here are some more elements to use for a Father's Day or masculine card. The colors could be changed on the trophy base and ribbon to use generically for any occasion. 

two 10" brown squares for base, glue 6" navy blue half circle to center top of base. Cup is a 24" gold eccentric loose circle, shaped around a large dowel to flatten the top. Glue two gold 3-1/2" S-scrolls to sides of cup for handles and glue cup to trophy base. Optional: Print phase on white paper, cut small rectangle around phase, trim across each corner and glue to front of base.

Blue Ribbon
print phase on white cardstock and punch out with 1" circle punch (or trace around a coin and cut out circle with scissors). Make eleven 2-1/2" navy blue loose circles and glue side by side in a circle around the edge of the cardstock circle. I used actual pieces of 3/8" wide navy ribbon for the tails.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quilled Golf Elements

Here are some more elements to use for a Father's Day or masculine card. Of course women love to golf, me included, so this could be used for a great card to any golfer.

Bucket of balls
Start with a 1-1/4" strip of green glued horizontally on your work board for the bottom of the bucket (I didn't measure the remaining strips because they all get trimmed). Add the sides at an angle, add a vertical piece in the center straight up, and another strip on each side of the center strip. Add four horizontal pieces and allow to dry. I trimmed all four sides and traced the bucket shape on a white piece of cardstock and cutout inside the traced line. Glue the bucket to the cardstock shape for a backing. Cut the ends of a 1" green strip at angles and glue under the bottom as shown. For the bucket handle, glue 1-1/2" silver strip to the bucket, twisting once before gluing second end down.

Small Golf Balls
An 8" white tight circle shaped into a grape (I placed the tight roll in my palm and used the pearl end of a corsage pin to press into the center and glued the inside), make 18 and glue at random on the top of the bucket gluing at sides.

Golf Tees
The smaller ones are made using 24" red, blue and yellow strips and the larger are 36". Make loose circle and pull center of circle to one side and pinch opposite end to make a teardrop. While holding the pointed end in one hand, press the rounded end of the teardrop against a dowel the size of a pen barrel to shape the top of the tee. Glue the back of the piece and let dry to keep the shape as shown.

Large Golf Ball
Glue five 24" white strips end to end and make a tight roll. Flatten on a hard surface and shape with fingers slightly into a grape shape. Glue the inside to keep a bowl shape. Glue to the top of the large tee.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Quilled Fishing Elements

These are some fishing elements to use for a Father's Day or masculine card. Of course women love to fish, me included, so this could be used for a great card to any fisher person :)

Fish Lure
a 20" loose circle made up of three colors of paper glued end-to-end (4", 8", 8"). Pull center of circle to one side before pinching both ends to make a slim marquise. Make two 1" and one 1-1/2" silver T-scrolls for hooks.

two 12" half circles (white on top, red on bottom), 3" black rectangle shape glued to top

a 16" olive green loose circle shaped into a fat marquise. Hold the bottom of the marquise and pinch the top portion to a point. Make two and glue flat sides together. Glue 12" tan or brown flattened marquise to top. Fold and glue a 5" olive green strip into a 2-1/2" piece. While strip is still wet from glue, wrap around a 1" dowel to shape. Glue ends to side of basket for the handle and add tiny brad to front.