Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quilled Trophy and Blue Ribbon Elements

Here are some more elements to use for a Father's Day or masculine card. The colors could be changed on the trophy base and ribbon to use generically for any occasion. 

two 10" brown squares for base, glue 6" navy blue half circle to center top of base. Cup is a 24" gold eccentric loose circle, shaped around a large dowel to flatten the top. Glue two gold 3-1/2" S-scrolls to sides of cup for handles and glue cup to trophy base. Optional: Print phase on white paper, cut small rectangle around phase, trim across each corner and glue to front of base.

Blue Ribbon
print phase on white cardstock and punch out with 1" circle punch (or trace around a coin and cut out circle with scissors). Make eleven 2-1/2" navy blue loose circles and glue side by side in a circle around the edge of the cardstock circle. I used actual pieces of 3/8" wide navy ribbon for the tails.



chillin with Quillin said...


Baukje said...

you did very nice thought molly I think they are wonderful!
Greetings Baukje

a paper {life} said...

wow have some really great ideas.

Do I see some kits for sale in the future with these little gems?

Unknown said...

I love all of your masculine little ideas. Men deserve to be shown craft love, too! Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring, Molly!

Ann said...

another fabulous set of elements. It's always good to have things that you can put on those "guy" cards

kiddo said...

Very good ideas! Thank you for sharing!

Molly Smith said...

Cheryl, no kits in the future. These were done for the spring 2007 NAQG newsletter and after finding the instructions, I decided to share last week :)

Thank you ALL for stopping by and leaving a comment!

hugs, xo ~Molly