Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quilled Golf Elements

Here are some more elements to use for a Father's Day or masculine card. Of course women love to golf, me included, so this could be used for a great card to any golfer.

Bucket of balls
Start with a 1-1/4" strip of green glued horizontally on your work board for the bottom of the bucket (I didn't measure the remaining strips because they all get trimmed). Add the sides at an angle, add a vertical piece in the center straight up, and another strip on each side of the center strip. Add four horizontal pieces and allow to dry. I trimmed all four sides and traced the bucket shape on a white piece of cardstock and cutout inside the traced line. Glue the bucket to the cardstock shape for a backing. Cut the ends of a 1" green strip at angles and glue under the bottom as shown. For the bucket handle, glue 1-1/2" silver strip to the bucket, twisting once before gluing second end down.

Small Golf Balls
An 8" white tight circle shaped into a grape (I placed the tight roll in my palm and used the pearl end of a corsage pin to press into the center and glued the inside), make 18 and glue at random on the top of the bucket gluing at sides.

Golf Tees
The smaller ones are made using 24" red, blue and yellow strips and the larger are 36". Make loose circle and pull center of circle to one side and pinch opposite end to make a teardrop. While holding the pointed end in one hand, press the rounded end of the teardrop against a dowel the size of a pen barrel to shape the top of the tee. Glue the back of the piece and let dry to keep the shape as shown.

Large Golf Ball
Glue five 24" white strips end to end and make a tight roll. Flatten on a hard surface and shape with fingers slightly into a grape shape. Glue the inside to keep a bowl shape. Glue to the top of the large tee.



chillin with Quillin said...

WOW really great, can make this for Hubby, thanks for sharing!!!

Nati said...

great idea, I loved!

Artes de Nágela said...

Very cute!
I loved it!

Ann said...

Other than miniature golf I've never had an interest but I do know lots of people who love it. These are great

Niki Meiners said...

Loving all the masculine ideas!

Molly Smith said...

Thank you ALL for stopping by and leaving a comment! hugs, xo ~Molly

Quilly Nilly said...

These are great, your quilling is perfect. Love them!