Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Earth Day Recycling

Earth Day is almost here ~ Sunday, April 22

I used the insides of security envelopes to make these Earth Day starter pots.  I cut a portion of the envelope into a 3.5" x 10" strip and used a potmaker. It is so easy to do and takes only a few minutes to wrap the paper and tuck in the bottom edges. 

Before I bought my PotMaker online, I used a small glass to make the same wrapped container. I glue a 1" circle to the bottom and inside to cover the gathered edges. 

These make great gifts or as favors. Fill with mixed potting soil and attach a package of flower seeds. The possibilities are endless.

Here are a few other ways I've recycled the envelopes:

For a snack container on game night. Easily personalized with a Sharpie :)

A 3" mini journal with Wells Fargo envelope. I gave this to a favorite bank cashier.

I covered a small spiral note pad for my husband.

Thanks for dropping by!