Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Earth Day Recycling

Earth Day is almost here ~ Sunday, April 22

I used the insides of security envelopes to make these Earth Day starter pots.  I cut a portion of the envelope into a 3.5" x 10" strip and used a potmaker. It is so easy to do and takes only a few minutes to wrap the paper and tuck in the bottom edges. 

Before I bought my PotMaker online, I used a small glass to make the same wrapped container. I glue a 1" circle to the bottom and inside to cover the gathered edges. 

These make great gifts or as favors. Fill with mixed potting soil and attach a package of flower seeds. The possibilities are endless.

Here are a few other ways I've recycled the envelopes:

For a snack container on game night. Easily personalized with a Sharpie :)

A 3" mini journal with Wells Fargo envelope. I gave this to a favorite bank cashier.

I covered a small spiral note pad for my husband.

Thanks for dropping by!


chillin with Quillin said...

Awesome, love recycling!!!

Ann Butler said...

I love this Molly; great projects and thinking outside of the envelope!

Laura Bray said...

I love security envelopes too! The snack container idea is darling.

aureliaeugenia said...

There's a saying here to recicle things but almost nobody does it .
Still your work in recyciling became a work of art! Even your flowers are charmed by this idea and so am I! Very good!
hugs !

Carmen said...

Brilliant! I've never really paid attention to the inside of envelopes. Boy what I've been missing! :) And that's such a thoughtful gift to give your favorite bank cashier! She must have been so happy!

kiddo said...

Great ideas! Love the way you used the inside of envelopes, especially the mini journal!

Ann Martin said...

Great use of envelope graphics! I always feel a bit guilty when putting them in the recycling bin - too nice to toss.

Terry Ricioli Designs said...

Who knew there was such great paper in there! I'll be looking now!

Quilly Nilly said...

Love reusing those envelopes, awesome ideas.