Thursday, May 6, 2021

Colorful Outlined "R"

Hello friends, happy May!

Well, I attempted to quill another project using Quillography and regular 1/4-inch paper strips. I purchased the pattern on Etsy and was happy with the $3.50 price. I am a beginner at using the on-edge, also referred to as outlining, technique. 

I didn't use a large enough piece of cardstock to trace the pattern, but went ahead with it for practice. I will use a wide mat, 2" or so, before framing. I am thinking a teenage girl won't notice my errors. 

(photoshopped frame for show)

I did learn while doing this project (thank you NAQG FB members) that the thicker Quillography strips are primarily for lining, shaping and sculpting, and especially not for loose and open coils. So halfway finished I started using regular quilling strips for the Q-colors that were too thick, some colors did just fine. This is noticeable with the not-so-tight centers.  

Thank you for stopping by and looking.

Have a fun month and be safe.

-Molly 🌼