Monday, June 20, 2011

Be Inspired: Free-form Quilling

This was part of my display at a show in 2005. I wanted to use it in my book but the editors selected other projects for the wedding-scape section. Everything I quill is original so I have different ways for getting inspiration for a new quilled project.  This is one way I become inspired-- with pictures.

I found this picture of a white wedding hat and it was my inspiration for the framed table piece.  The big rose is what caught my eye.

This was the finished piece. I printed the text on vellum and slipped in the frame so it could be removed.

I used 3/8" wide crimped white paper strips for the hat. Tiny pearls were glued the the centers of 1/8" punched and shaped flowers. The flowers were used to cover the top of the hat after three roses, four fringed flowers and tendrils were applied. A long spiral strip was glued under the hat brim and on the top-front, and a small satin ribbon bow was added.

Use pictures for inspiration when needing a pattern for free-form quilling.

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Philippa said...

Nice work, Molly! It's amazing how good white on white looks when it comes to quilling, and this is very inspiring!

chillin with Quillin said...

Gorgeous and very inspiring!!!!

Ann said...

This is really pretty. It's funny how many things I see and think, that would make a good quilling project

amrita said...

This is so gorgeous. Great work.

My Quilling Nest said...

Molly your creations are Outstanding!! I love your Quilling Talent.
Quilled Hugs!
Linda K.

Antonella said...

Great post Molly! I like to tell people I can see quilling in everything - lol! Hugs, antonella :-)

Katrin said...

Фантастика! Очень оригинально!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you