Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Thought for Tuesday

This is not a finished project, only something I am playing around with until I get it right. Thanks to Paula Hogue's encouragement, I learned the "beehive" technique and was able to quickly fill in the rows and black areas. The crown is 7.5" x 6". The lighting was awful when I took the photograph, but you get the idea :o) 

Have a great week!


Ann said...

it looks like you got it right to me. I like that.

Molly Smith said...

Thank you so much, Ann! I always appreciate your comments :o)

Artes de Nágela said...

I was delighted!
So rich and adorable creation!
Hugs from Brazil!

Nati said...

Wow!!! Molly, great and creative idea!! lovely!
hugs :)