Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Inchies" Quilled Valentines

I made these little two-inch Valentine's Day cards with a silver embossed inchie, raised and embellished with quilling, punched hearts and a tiny red crystal. I stamped on white gloss paper for a little place to write a few words inside. The 1/8 inch quilling strips are silver gilded on edge garnet paper made in England. The shimmer of the silver is gorgeous in person. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Source for quilling paper:  Whimsiquills


Ann Martin said...

How cute are these little cards?!! Lovely heart garland and photos too.

Molly Smith said...

Thanks Ann! I love the little designs and forget they take longer than the big projects :o)


Anonymous said...

How is it that I did not know you quilled? REALLY???? I knew you made jewelry and other items. I love quilling and have been doing it for a while.


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