Monday, February 7, 2022

Quilled Hearts from the Archives

Again, I want to show some simple Valentine's Day cards and link my website hearts for those who are new. The page is very old but still relevant. So many people email me thanking me for the lopsided heart, because they say it helps hide imperfections when the two teardrops don't match up. And I have always said "Imperfection Adds Character".  💟

Hearts are SO simple, fun to quill and they don't always have to be red. Thanks for looking today.

These are easy and fun to create. Quilled hearts (two teardrop shapes glued side-by-side) and a little bit of twine. I like to use eccentric loose rolls before shaping the larger hearts.

  Only five quilled hearts used to make this card. 

The teardrops are 4, 6 and 8 inch 1/8" strips.
The red hearts inside the envy are punched out hearts.

 8 and 24 inch teardrops
10 inch spiral, trim to length you like

4 inch teardrops
I used free fonts from DaFont website.

My quilled hearts website page.

Enjoy quilling! 💘

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