Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Quilled Snowflakes

From the Archives:

Snowflakes are SO easy! 

I like making them to tie on packages or give as ornament gifts. Below, I used white gold on edge English paper strips. I like this paper, it is thinner and easier to use with miniature pieces. 

(Click on the photos to enlarge.)

This is approximately 1-1/2 inches in diameter. When making these I try to hide all paper seams and no traces of glue can show anywhere, especially on the back.

English crimson quilling strips with shiny metallic silver edge.

Silver holofoil on white English paper strips.

These simple and easy snowflakes are in my book. So small they fit as candy toppers and on trinket matchboxes.

 This is one of my largest I have made for hanging as wall art. It is 12" in diameter and made from 1-inch wide crimped strips of construction paper. I only used four shapes plus the center coil. The strips are 12 inches in length. The crimping makes it more sturdy and I used a wooden dowel to roll the strips. I finished it by spraying very lightly with a glitter spray.

I made this pink snowflake many years ago. The instructions can be found HERE on the NAQG website. 

I made this snowflake project for a magazine in 2008. It is double-rolled using two colors. I was disappointed in the quality/size on their website so I made a super
 large one you can view (and use for a pattern) by clicking the photo.

Enjoy and have a fantastic day!


Pritesh Dagur said...

SHEER perfection Molly! Lovely!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

These are beautiful Molly. I love snowflakes, just not the real kind. :)
Melissa D

Regina said...

They are amazing Molly!!! I woul love to see them closer!!! Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful ideas!! You´re such an inspiration!!
Have a marvellous week!!

chillin with Quillin said...

there awsome, love snowflakes!!!

lulu_ma said...

Thanks for this!

Ann said...

Now how did you know that I was thinking about making some snowflakes and needed a little guidance? :) Thanks for sharing this

Ann said...

Your snowflakes are SO pretty, Molly. I drafted a post about them just yesterday and linked to your pink one - but I didn't realize it's pink! I've never met anyone who doesn't think quilled snowflakes are beautiful.

kiddo said...

They are all so beautiful and tiny! Love them! I was making a few the other week, but mine are much too bigger compared with yours:)
Love your models, thanks for sharing! I will use some of them for sure!

Nati said...

Very cute!!
Nati :)

Elżbieta said...

Beautiful snowflakes.

Kavya N said...

This is fabulous!! All of your creations are amazing and have left me stunned!!!

Quilling.lt said...

So pretty and elegant! I love snowflakes very much!

Lisa Mala6 said...

Wow! Love all your snowflakes.
I hope all is going well for you!
Miss see you!

Lisa (mala6)

Baukje said...

so 'Beautiful I love your work!
good weekend
Greetings Baukje

SUSAN said...

Molly, I really love the details of your snowflakes. So gorgeous...