Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quilling Tool Choices

When I opened my first quilling kit in the 70's, there was a regular corsage pin included. This is what I used to learn to quill and still do. I like to use my commercial wooden handle quilling tool when I don't need a really tight center.

 I also use a round wooden toothpick or wooden dowel when I quill with wide, crimped strips to make large pieces.

In 2000 I started making a novelty quilling needle tool with a polymer clay handle. I tested them for a year with different focus groups and then sold over 500 on eBay and at a few NAQG conventions. Seems like 15 years ago a lot of people used needle tools.

I used a regular corsage pin and made all sizes of handles. Then I started making the same tool with a smaller quilters needle for miniature quilling and sold them as sets. I used either gold plated or sterling silver beads and discs at the base.

I experimented quite a bit. These are all the imperfect needle tools I kept and a few I still use. I shined up the handles over the weekend, brushing on a coat of Future floor wax.  I'm going to make some type of enclosed, framed art piece for my craft room with the imperfect ones -- to remind me of that particular time in my life. Plus I just like bright, colorful things around :)

The only slotted tool I have bought, and use to make fringed flowers or roses, is the 4" metal handle. This is all I will say about slotted tools as I know they are the most popular, easiest to use and I want people to use what is best for them.

What are your favorite quilling tools?

Enjoy the week!

P.S. I don't make these tools any more.


Ann said...

This is fascinating, Molly! I had no idea you sold tools you made yourself. Those handles are so pretty! I bet quilling was even more fun than it normally is when you used one of those. :) You'll have to show us the way you wind up displaying the collection - it will be so cheerful in your craft room.

Ann said...

well how cool is that you used to be a tool maker. I like the idea of using them for a framed art piece.
Loved that video. Those leaves are awesome.

Lori said...

Your tools will make an awesome work of art for your craft room Molly! Such a creative idea,can't wait to see how it turns out.

chillin with Quillin said...

There awsome, cant wait to see how you display them!, I use the slotted tool and hat pin, it just depends on what I'm making!

Molly Smith said...

Thank you ladies! I have my thinking cap on to display. I appreciate your kind words :)

Unknown said...

i wanted to know how to make quilljng needle.. Because it's hard to find that here jn the Philippines. Hope you could help me. Thank you!