Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time Saving Bookmarks for 2009

Do you ever Google, Ask or search for information and get sidetracked or caught up in the link-news-image-map maze? I do, a lot. And the result is my spending way too much time finding my simple answer or realizing the searched info was not that important after all. I resort to my six-link Reference Page.

These are my six links.

I can remember
Reference Desk being my first reference link years ago, and it is ... well, click on it and see the mass of data for yourself.

I just added
ZDNet Technical Dictionary. I wish I had this link two years ago when I was emailed the question "what is a blog?". I thought I knew but researched to make sure my answer, given hours later, was correct. is similar to the ZDNet link but in an encyclopedia format.

I use
iTools primarily for the language tools-- to quickly translate text or a web page from English to other languages.

ASK for Kids is self-explanatory. I don't trust Google Safe Search so I keep this link on my tool bar for the grand kids :)

And last but not least,
NoNags is operated by one of the first people I met on AOL in 1995. When Windows was released he taught me how to use a browser. He also showed me the first animated image on the WWW, as it was called. [I remember it was a mug of beer traveling down a bar on a restaurant website in Arizona.] So we go back a ways :o) He is brilliant and this is where you want to go-- to quickly find ANY free or shareware application. He tests, scans, reviews and does all the work for you.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, productive, successful, time of your life in 2009. Cheers!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion

I am so dang excited about my listings on Monday in my Etsy Shop that I don't have enough time to talk about it. So here is a big shout-out: Please visit and look. Maybe this will answer that reoccurring question I get from family and friends .. "Now what exactly do you do?".

And I will be there until the last week for you last minute shoppers! :O)

My Etsy Shop

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Clutter Control Advice

Barbara Hemphill, author of Taming the Paper Tiger, coined the phrase "Clutter is Postponed Decisions." That is so true! We leave things for later that we don't want to decide on today. Then, we do that over and over again and piles accumulate or drawers fill up...

Productivity consultant, Stephanie LH Calahan, talks about a few ways that you can combat that procrastination and get rid of your clutter once and for all! I like her article this week. She clearly points out several quick solutions that don't take that much time.

I hope this guidance helps you to begin controlling your clutter ... starting today!

Clutter Control Article

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Magnificent Magnets

Magnificent in the sense of inexpensive, easy and any theme you want to make.

You will need 2" white vinyl blind slats. Browse around a home improvement store in the area where they cut blinds to fit. If you cannot find the free ones to recycle, buy a small box for around $7. This will be enough to make hundreds of magnets. While there, buy the 3/4" ceramic disc magnets. Eight for less than $2 and they are heavy duty.

Use a dedicated pair of big scissors and cut the blinds in 2", 2.5" or 3" pieces, depending on the size of your graphic. You save and use the pieces with cord holes too. Use fine sandpaper or an emery board to smooth out the cut edges and round the corners. Wipe them off with a damp towel.

I do one of two things to prep: Cover the edges and part of the front edge and back with a Krylon metallic leafing pen and seal with Aleene's Paper Glaze. Or paint them completely with an acrylic paint. You may want to leave them white.

If I could draw or sketch I would. But I can't, so I print the graphics, laminate the page (Xyron 900) and trim. I run them though a Xyron 510 for adhesive and BAM!, you've got a magnificent magnet. A glue gun or Beacon's 3-in-1 will work best for the magnet piece.

Your cropadile will easily punch through this material so the possibilities of how to alter are endless. Click below for a few examples I have made.

Enjoy! Examples and Varieties

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Halloween Crafts & Tips, Oh My

I started out the month behind-- being out of town the first of October. After getting through a tough project and over a short sick spell, I am even more behinder. (I know, that's not a word.) I am in a composing funk as well.

I am highlighting a link to some fantastic crafts and tips for the Halloween season. This is my designer friend, the fabulous
Brenda Pinnick's Blog that can always be found here on my list of Designer Blogs. Brenda has made a cute ghost card using her Sizzix clear stamps. HER stamps, as in she designed them, Sizzix made them and you can buy them. These are from her Halloween collection. She has several die themes with Sizzix. Her paper sets can be found on QVC.

Be sure to check out the other links Brenda provides in her blog for more Terrorific Tuesday projects. I hope you find something inspiring make. Margot Potter's run with scissors charm bracelet is on my list :)

Happy October!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the Totally-Creative e-zine

I am very honored and excited to be part of a brand new e-zine Totally-Creative along with a group of very talented designers I have met through the years. Totally-Creative consists of a variety of art and craft projects in all mediums.

The first issue, Early Fall 2008, is free. You should definitely check it out for ideas and to see what you are missing if you aren't a subscriber. I was told today by the creator that the next issue has double the projects (40) and more designers. The Early Winter 2008 issue comes out in one week and is entirely holiday projects.

The monthly cost? The price of a fast-food meal. Check it out :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Shades of Autumn

I was googling for some pictures of autumn and have linked some favorites below. When fall arrives each year, I think of watching Martha Stewart's shows in the 90's. She used to have the best fall decorations, crafts and recipes. I think she still does.

I copied part of a 60 Minutes commentary by Andy Rooney. He says:

I think if we had a vote, fall would probably be most people's favorite season. Some people who like fall call it autumn. I never use the word "autumn." It sounds pretentious. The down side to fall is it's the beginning of the end of everything. Flowers die, the leaves dry up and come off the trees, water in the lake gets too cold to swim in and vacation's are over. First thing you know someone's trying to sell you a Christmas tree.

Here are the pictures linked on that page. They are a few years old, but are gorgeous, adorable, unusual. Kids and pumpkins just go together, don't they?

Quilled Fall Leaves and Instructions

Enjoy the autumn season :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Concentration, the card game

Can you remember playing Concentration with cards? I played all the time with my sisters. I was good at it, too. I could memorize most of the cards and usually won. My mind was obviously uncluttered back then.

I've had a hard time concentrating of late. Mainly on work and general tasks. I am embarrassingly behind on emails to friends. I have more on my plate than I've had in a while and I have begun to show signs of Adult ADD. I tried putting off twittering, FaceBook, LinkedIn and Etsy, but this is not working. I keep wondering what I am missing. So, I have decided to complete some tasks that keep bothering me, first thing every morning. This may clear my mind so I can get work done faster. Music helps too-- today is Lite Hits.

The people in my head suggested I update my blog today. I like to read others rather than maintain my own. As I was reading several yesterday, I thought about linking a really good one to mine, as an update. How lazy is that? I am determined to get better, with more links, pictures and videos. In the meantime, check out some fabulous designer blogs listed here.

And if you have children or grandchildren, think about playing a game of Concentration with them. Yesterday, I received a tiny pack of cards from my best friend, a just because ditty in a box of craft surprises. They are the perfect size for playing with my grandsons during their next weekend visit :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My purpose, to meet goals

This new Blog is work in progress. My attempt to finally have a blog, perhaps a link in a few peoples' favorites some day. This is what I visualize.

My current problem to keep this up and going is, I have too many deadlines at the moment, and several commitments I made without thinking how much time they would take. I did meet a goal this week. An important, long-term goal. At a SCD seminar one year, I can remember thinking how wonderful it would be to be so busy I had to turn down work. I couldn't imagine being in that situation and visualized it. I thought it would be the ultimate success to be able to pick and choose who I wanted to work with and in what medium, in lieu of having to accept everything offered.

I made a decision to turn down a big project this week. A really terrific opportunity with a good company. I could have squeezed it in, but I know what the results would be. It was more difficult to do than I expected.


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