Sunday, October 22, 2023

10 Fall Self Care Tips For Stress Relief

Hi there, πŸ‘»

Have you ever been looking for something and ended up on a completely irrelevant webpage, but you can't resist taking a look and reading on, clicking on and on? 30 minutes later you are taking some kind of silly test? 

I hope the info below is a small nudge to make more positive me time for you, even if it's only half a day. This is totally unisex

Searching for my store, I landed on the article below. It piqued my interest and I skimmed through the 10 suggestions. It made me realize a lot, so I want to share with you. Nope to 8. as I can dance in my own living room for free. 😁

10 Fall Self Care Tips For Stress Relief

Made a few notes, then went back up and clicked on the hygge link I noticed at the beginning. Never heard of the word... clueless to the meaning. 

While reading the history of this hygge lifestyle, I saw an advert and it made my night. Know that blanket people knit with their hands or huge needles with big thick yarn? I've wanted one for years but never made one. Walmart sells them starting at $22, in many colors.  

About an hour later my search came full circle with positive new ideas. πŸ’–

US link, search Chunky Knit Blankets

Happy Autumn!

xo 🌻

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