Saturday, May 28, 2011

Quilling Comes in All Sizes

I have said before that my two favorites are miniature and giant quilling! I would put this one below in the big category! I used one-inch crimped red and green strips of construction paper glued end to end. The stems are spongy insulation material that I cut into pieces and painted black. The leaves are 6" long and the cherries are 3.5" in diameter.

This is a piece I made to take to a CHA show in 2006 when I bought a table spot to show my designs. It is a MUST to have some type of eye-catcher to draw the manufactures and publishers to the table. My table was set up to sell my quilled cherry projects and large wall art designs. I used this cherry project, a 14-inch quilled snowflake and three 12-inch layered paper flowers as my eye-catchers. My plan worked :)

I wanted to share this technique to show that there is no limit to what you can do with quilled paper. Here are a few more examples: 

Lori Mondell ~ has an amazing creative mind when embellishing her projects
Suzana Ilic ~ brings quilling to a next level with her brilliant dimensional art
Ann Martin ~ this is an excellent example of how to be inspired by non-paper material and incorporate into quilling

I hope you are encouraged to try something different and quill a miniature, traditional or big piece of art using your own creative style. 

Have fun!


Ann said...

Gorgeous cherries, Molly! I didn't realize just how huge they are until I read your description. What a great way to attract eyes and introduce quilling to others. Thanks for the shout out - I was going to comment even before seeing my name. :D Have a great weekend!

Philippa said...

Your cherries certainly caught my eye on the thumbnail in my blog list, Molly - what a great idea! I'd never thought about creating an 'eye catcher' before, but I can see how well it must work!

chillin with Quillin said...

very nice, and what a great idea!!

Unknown said...

This is certainly a great advice, to make a piece with proper color choice and good design. Quilling itself is a beautiful technique, can't make a mistake, but to catch someones eye...surely needs something more. Thanks for the tip and link, Molly.
And, good time to move on from cherry blossoms on soft cherries.

Baukje said...

a very good idea thank you Beautiful!
Greetings Baukje

Ann said...

those are some really big cherries. I love them. I've been making flowers with a heavier wider paper and it's so much easier than the tiny strips. Gotta go check out all those links now

Lise said...

Thanks, that's so lovely ! That's crazy all we can do with paper, I love this idea...

Phyllis Dobbs said...

Your cherries look delicious! and I know they wer fun to make. Beautiful job!

Anonymous said...

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