Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quilled Carrots

I noticed there are not many carrot patterns out there. (If there are any, I couldn't find them :) So, I created three different variations for embellishments and a few Easter cards.

Carrot: 1/8" x 7" tight roll. Shape with a small pointed dowel and glue inside.

Green leaves: 1/4" x 2.5" rolled around toothpick to make a tube. Insert into carrot top halfway and glue. Cut around edges to make fringe and spread outward with fingertips.


This cute matchbox can be used to hold candy, money, note, tiny toy, etc. I found the idea and instructions here: Matchbox

Carrots: 1/8" x 12" loose roll. Shape in a long teardrop.

Drawer pull: 1/8" x 6" tightroll shaped with a small round dowel into a grape (I use the pearl on a corsage pin). Glue inside to hold shape.

Green leaves: 1/8" x 3" pieces. Make three 1/2" loops the same height (accordion folds) and spread out before gluing at bottom. Trim each fold in half lengthwise, making six thin leaves. Spread with fingers.


Carrots: 1/8" x 7 tightroll. Shape with a small pointed dowel and flatten with fingers.

Green leaves: 1/8" x 1" pieces. Cut slivers of paper at various lengths. Glue ends individually into top of carrot until full.

These are my favorite for the cards because they lay so flat.



Unknown said...

I love them all! Thanks for sharing!

Ann said...

love the carrots. All of them are great. I like the little matchbox too, that's just so cute.

Philippa said...

Great carrots, Molly! I'll have to try some of those ...

Baukje said...

very nice molly
thank you that you want to share this with us
Greetings Baukje

Lise said...

So cute !!! I love it !

SandyW said...

Greetings from another quiller in New Hampshire --I've been quilling since 1975. I just found your blog.........great information. Nice carrots. Happy Easter.

Artist Mommy said...

I love the tiny carrots in the basket. So cute!

Teddy Bear Princess said...

waw your carrots are really inspiring hehe :p
It's so cute :)

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Nati said...

I loved the way you do the carrots, thank you for sharing your talent and also for visiting my blog
Happy Easter!! XO