Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Little Paper Toy Shop ~ Quilling

I made this little toy shop kit in 1980 and added some presents and a Santa sign. I used it every year for a Christmas decoration during the holidays. As stated on my web page, ..."if I had known I was going to show this to the world one day, I would have preserved it better".  I am repairing the ceiling and thought I'd take a few close-ups to show some details. It is entirely paper except for the buggy wire. I remember making the dolls and clowns were my favorite pieces.


(c) Quill Art, Inc. quilling kit 1978

I tried to remove all the dust with a tiny brush, but of course, my old camera was able to pick it up perfectly. Someone suggested a can of air, so I will try that before packing it back up.

Every piece was included in the kit ... to make the table, stool, shelves, except the wallpaper. I had a bright yellow living room in the '70s, so this yellow polka dot made perfect sense to me at the time.

I think I will reduce the cover of my quilling book and replace The Three Bears with a tiny replica of my book!

I remember the Jack-in-the-Box was hard to make (folding the neck), lol!

Everything has held together pretty well. I did need to reglue the stool legs.

There are even paper nails on the table!

Thanks for looking :)


Philippa said...

What a great project! Must have taken ages ...

Lori said...

How adorable this is Molly ...and what a priceless treasure! Love,love,love your idea of putting your book cover on the little book on the shelf.Amazing work ...

Helen said...

wow! is all I can say.

a paper {life} said...

Amazing Molly...and it just goes to show how durable paper can be. I can't believe you made this in 1980...I had to go back and check to make sure I read it right.

Ann said...

OH WOW, that's fantastic. I can't imagine all those little pieces. It's totally adorable. And dust? I don't see any

Anonymous said...

I made that same Quill Art piece back in 1978 or was for my friends little nephew...wish I had thought to get pics!!

I had so much fun making it....maybe I will drag out the directions and do another one!!

Love yours!!
Sue C.

Molly Smith said...

Thank you all, ladies! I finally got the ceiling repaired and the shop wrapped up to show in another 30 years, lol!

Sue, is that a hoot that you made it too? I knew we were connected in some manner way before we met! I wish I had pictures of lots of the items I made and gave away. Who knew?

Thanks again for taking the time to comment! hugs xo

Ann said...

Too cute! Definitely swap the book titles to show yours... that's a nod to progress! :-)

Piyu said...

Hey Molly...I am speechless...It's gorgeous..Truly amazing!

charlene said...

Molly you amaze me ! This is just to cool and I love the new book idea as well.

Nati said...

they are adorable and inspiring, I love the miniatures. thank you
for sharing!

Anonymous said...

They're cute! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

This is so Amazing!! I would never have known that these were all made of paper!! You are very talented

Swarna V said...

hi molly,
this is truly awesome... gr8 work!
u are sooo talented. after seeing your works, i am gonna repair my works which i did few yrs back.
thanks for inspiration.

Unknown said...

Oh, this is just perfect little room. It's still modern to me lol. My eyes immediately captured the Jack-in-the -box! Soooo lovely. And paper nails!!!WOW!
Molly, are all of these toys glued to the "floor"? I'm not quite sure what "can of air" means, but if they are all glued to the base, maybe you could take away the dust with hair dryer.

Anca said...

Can`t believe my eyes! I want to try it too, maybe for the next Christmas. You were making quilling in the 80`s! And such a beautiful quilling! All my respect for you,