Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coffee Break

My favorite coffee is freshly brewed, strong, with a splash of Half & Half. I always like to experiment and change up our coffees during the holidays.

Starbucks is not a favorite. Too many years of having to go buy it (this was before there was a store on every corner and no drive-through), get it freshly ground and bring it back to the office. We finally got a coffee service and they delivered it in cute little one-pot packages. Much more convenient but I swear that was not Starbucks regular coffee in those packets. Another reason is I can't afford it ... (except for the Vanilla Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Coffee for my four hour road trips :o)

I went through a stage of loving chicory coffee by the truck load. Knowing now that chicory is bad for you, I hope it was a chicory blend. I drink very strong coffee, so I believe that was when I started adding a bit of milk to it.

The flavored coffee was short lived too, along with coffee after supper, flavored creamers and coffee with Baileys. Oh, I still love all of these but in moderation now. And I like the free bottles of hazelnut and cinnamon syrup they have at the convenience store coffee stations. Guess was Starbucks charges for a splash of that in your cup?!?

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1 comment:

Ann Martin said...

You're always teaching me something new, Molly. I used to drink something called Sunrise back in the day when chicory was in. Hadn't heard it was bad for us though, yikes. Coffee with half and half, yes. Baileys... even better. :-)