Friday, September 4, 2009

Denim Paper Cha-Cha Ring

I need to be doing something crafty with my hands while watching TV, sitting with my mother, in a waiting room, flying. Recently on a flight from Texas to CHA in Orlando, I sneaked on a needle tool in my carry-on and made some tiny denim bullet and barrel beads using 1/8" by 6" strips of denim paper.

This is my cha-cha ring. It is full but lightweight and matches a cha-cha bracelet I made to wear at the 2010 NAQGCON next year.

Have a crafty September!



Anne said...

What a very beautiful and creative ring! =) Your lucky who coluld have it on your finger!

Greetings from Anne (Norway)

Lori said...

oh my goodness Molly! what a pretty and fun ring,for sure I love the denim's just fabulous.

Ann Martin said...

Cute idea and sure to be an attention getter! Love how you photographed it too.

Molly Smith said...

Thank you ALL for your kind words and taking the time to comment on my ring :)