Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Quilled Hats

Happy September!

I am going through boxes and throwing away a lot of things I no longer need. It is so, so difficult. I came across this hat. I sold a ton of these for framing on eBay in 2002 to The Red Hat Society ladies. I realized that I am that age now :o) 

The hat is 2" x 4.5" and made with two crimped loose circles. The bow is 3/16" feather-edged ribbon. The purple paper is faded a bit. Here is a link to my Easy Quilled Hat with specs and instructions.

Thanks for stopping by!


Nágela said...

The hat is gorgeous and elegant. I love this creation.
Hugs from Brazil!

Ann said...

Throwing stuff out is always difficult for me especially when it's craft stuff.
I like the hat


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