Friday, February 28, 2014

I ♥ Piddix: From the Archives

Where did February go?  All I know is we are ready for Spring weather! Happy March, tomorrow.
From the archives, updated.  

The title says it all.  I love, love Piddix on Etsy and using Corinna's collage sheets. She sells both modern and vintage digital prints. I was first introduced to Corinna in an Etsy virtual lab class when she was talking about quitting your day job to sell on Etsy, over four years ago. Since my original post, she has closed Etsy, had a baby, reopened Etsy (with conditions her customers can immediately download after purchasing) and produced a line of her 600 collage sheets that sell in stores (i.e. Target) and online stores (i.e. Stampington). Check out her store

So what is a sheet of Piddix prints doing in my freezer? I use an ink jet printer. When I coat the prints with Mod Podge or Triple Thick, the reds and oranges run and the process turns whites to yellow. By accident over the holidays I discovered a trick to set the ink and ... BAM, it really works!

I have made some dimensional paper buttons for rings with my 1" Valentine circles. 

Update: Currently, I use the digitals for magnet sets. These were made with glass marbles from Dollar Tree. They are not perfectly round and have a few air bubbles, but you can't beat the price versus the 1" jewelry glass pieces. I order the strong neodymium magnets on Etsy.

Thanks for dropping by! 

Have a great weekend :) 

Disclaimer: I have not been paid for this post nor given free product.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday Tip

If you use PicMonkey to edit photos, make collages and much more -- you may already know about these features.  I came across the PicMonkey Blog, I didn't know existed, and wanted to share this with you.

If you don't use PicMonkey, it is a free site. My favorite feature is lightening the background of my photos with Exposure > Highlights. I cannot wait to use the text shadow feature. Sounds easy. There is also a tutorial link at the bottom of the page.

I hope you are having a fantastic week!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

It's the Weekend

♥ I looked at my to-blog list and there are several one-liner items -- so I decided to put them all together today. Nothing fancy, just want to share a few things.

If you are new to my blog and need some Valentine ideas with quilled hearts, I have a few here.

If you are still creating Valentine's Day projects and need a saying or two, check out this blog: 100 Clever Valentines Day Sayings

I was going through my Twitter list and found a quiller who I was not following. You may already have bookmarked Brenda Soto in Chile, if not check out her blog: Filigrana en Chile

Remember: Don't keep your passwords on your PC, tablet or in your phone; even if encrypted, they can be found. My friend Lori, has the best Password Books to store your info and more! Even my husband uses one of her books. (hint: great guy gift)

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!
~Molly ♥

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Small Valentine Quilled Heart Cards

Happy February!

These are so easy to make. I used an Avery 8463 label template to add the Courier text and get 10 on a page. They are only 2"x2" (5 cm) folded. The quilled hearts are two 8" x 1/8" strips, teardrops shape glued together. I found a great bargain of twine at Hobby Lobby. 

I've been putting the XOXO in with my Etsy orders. They would be great for teachers, co-workers, neighbors, or my favorite - a wine bottle tag! A small bag topper, tucked in a gift or on a desk.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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