Monday, July 1, 2013

Sour Cream Gift Container, Miniature Quilled Flowers

Happy July!

I made some 1" glass magnets, with yellow rose of Texas graphics. I wanted to wrap them but they are so small. They stack together easily held by the magnets and I wrapped them in tissue paper.

I decided to make a sour cream gift container using printed card stock. I made a tag and added tiny quilled flowers to match the paper I was using.

I used a 4" x 6" piece of card stock and rolled lengthwise into a tube as shown below. 
(10.16 cm x 15.24 cm)

I pinched the ends to close. I crimped the first end, applied glue inside along the edge, and crimped it again. After I put the magnets inside, I pinched the other end in the opposite direction. I repeated with crimping, gluing and crimping again.

I think it makes a nice presentation and this sour cream container is SO easy to make.

I purchased my graphics from Piddix. She has so many prints in many sizes and you get instant download.

Have a fantastic week!


chillin with Quillin said...

this is really nice, love the magnets and the container is awesome , got to try it !!!!

Terry said...

Cute magnets, but I really love the container. I've got to remember this for packaging earrings. I really like the crimped ends. Great idea!

Nágela said...

Beautiful project!
I loved the colors!!

Ann said...

The container is as awesome as the magnets inside. I love that for giving a small gift

Ann Martin said...

What a nice little gift! Love the container's crimped ends - such a clever idea.


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