Saturday, May 28, 2011

Quilling Comes in All Sizes

I have said before that my two favorites are miniature and giant quilling! I would put this one below in the big category! I used one-inch crimped red and green strips of construction paper glued end to end. The stems are spongy insulation material that I cut into pieces and painted black. The leaves are 6" long and the cherries are 3.5" in diameter.

This is a piece I made to take to a CHA show in 2006 when I bought a table spot to show my designs. It is a MUST to have some type of eye-catcher to draw the manufactures and publishers to the table. My table was set up to sell my quilled cherry projects and large wall art designs. I used this cherry project, a 14-inch quilled snowflake and three 12-inch layered paper flowers as my eye-catchers. My plan worked :)

I wanted to share this technique to show that there is no limit to what you can do with quilled paper. Here are a few more examples: 

Lori Mondell ~ has an amazing creative mind when embellishing her projects
Suzana Ilic ~ brings quilling to a next level with her brilliant dimensional art
Ann Martin ~ this is an excellent example of how to be inspired by non-paper material and incorporate into quilling

I hope you are encouraged to try something different and quill a miniature, traditional or big piece of art using your own creative style. 

Have fun!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring Desktops by Debbie Mumm

Need a new look on your desktop?
Inspiring artist Debbie Mumm shares many examples of her graphic collections as free desktop backgrounds. I use them and change out with each season or holiday. They match many of her graphic sets I have purchased from here!

I love her new Spring backgrounds. When you visit her site, also check out her cute free projects.

Enjoy and have a crafty, fun day!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Facebook Quilling (paper) Group

Would you like to help Lori and I with the Facebook Quilling (paper) group as an admin?

We are looking for two one current member who is familiar with the NAQG organization to answer any questions or direct inquiries to the website. Also it is important if you check into Facebook at least once every one or two days. 

We mainly need assistance with accepting member requests which is a new requirement with the open group format that Facebook has implemented. The admin would also assist in deleting spam posts and/or inappropriate photos; this doesn't happen very often but it is important to remove them off the page when they show up.

You can email me or comment here if you would like to help with the group. There are now 1,080 members ... the largest quilling group on Facebook.

Thanks and have a fun day!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Vince of Crafty Moments

I would love for you to meet my friend Vince today! He is the editor of his delightful Crafty Moments blog.

Vince is an amazing [and quite humble] paper crafter in the UK. This is a cute boy with a flower gift he drew and colored for a card topper. Isn't he adorable?
Okay all of you talented Copic people (I'm going to use my cheap markers). Vince is offering his drawing, uncolored, here. He would make a cute card for Father's Day, a birthday, graduation, actually ... any occasion or craft!

Thank you Vince for allowing me to link to your blog and sharing your drawings!


(Psssst! If you grab his drawing please take the time to say "hi". There is also a precious girl drawing he is sharing on his blog! :)


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