Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Quilled Jewelry Set

I taught a quilling class at a museum in Fort Worth a couple of weeks ago and wore this jewelry set. I read that you should wear your work, I never have, so I wore this white set.

The flower is 2.25" in diameter and the earrings hang about 1.25". Sorry about the photos. I made a mistake and photographed on gray paper thinking they wouldn't show up on a white background. Click to get a better look.

I used a standard 1/4" hole punch to glue a white dot on the back center, thinking someone may look at the back. Sure enough, every person who looked at it turned it over :)

I glued a Swarovski crystal on the earrings and center of the flower for some bling. Each petal is wrapped with the English hologram edge paper. I believe I used 12" bright white strips for the individual shaped marquise.

Thanks for stopping by!


Regina said...

So elegant Molly!! Love this!

Ann said...

what a beautiful set.

Nágela said...

Delicate and very beautiful!
I loved it!

Terry said...

Elegant and beautiful!

Craftnique said...

So pretty!!

Ann Martin said...

So pretty, Molly! That's a great idea about adding a punched dot on the back - nice to have an extra bit of stabilization. I like the crystal too!

Anonymous said...

very pretty :) Love that you have added swarovski crystal to add some bling.

kiddo said...

Beautiful and elegant!


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