Monday, November 4, 2013

More Miniature Quilling

Happy November! I hope your month started out wonderfully and you are making time for some crafty fun this month.

Lately, I keep wanting to grab the thin English strips and work on miniatures. I made another tiny bottle necklace but not for the store. This one is for my niece who is a cancer survivortwice! She had a total Laryngectomy earlier this year with many complications. She has adjusted very well to speaking with a prosthesis. I am so proud of her and want to surprise her with this necklace.

Three hearts, three flowers, the larger have centers on both sides - paper and Swarovski, pink ribbon with a crystal and a bit of confetti

Have a great week! xo



Baukje said...

what a sweet and beautiful iedee! for you niece
Greetings Baukje

Ann said...

what a beautiful necklace. Your niece sounds like a very strong person.

Nágela said...

That sure is a beautiful gift. The pieces are so delicate quilling a perfect contrast to the great strength of her niece.
I believe that his affection is well demonstrated.

Ann Martin said...

What a lovely gift, Molly!

Antonella said...

I am so sorry for your niece's troubles, but so glad that she is a survivor. This is such a beautiful tribute to her courage!
Hugs, antonella :-)


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