Monday, February 7, 2011

Crafting + Procrastination = FAIL!

I printed and started this list at the beginning of the year, obviously putting it off each week. I photographed it a couple of weeks ago intending to do a blog post at that time (BIG sigh).


I really am trying to tackle this pathetic characteristic of mine. My husband is also a procrastinator so we are major ENABLERS. I am going to fix me first and then work on him :o)

I'm an Organizing Junkie
Laura (favorite new find for 2011)
 Her post today is her menu for the week! Plus 380+ comments posting their blogs with a weekly menu.

Laura wrote this blog on the Organizing Your Way blog:

Here is a bonus link. Complete Organizing Solutions. Tanna Clark is an office supply junkie... now I can relate to this. She is also a Professional Organizer.

Do you have any favorite procrastination tips or organizing links?

Enjoy and happy Tuesday,


Ann said...

Sorry, no tips at all. :) My husband and I are just like you and yours - total enablers - ha! In fact my mother once told me, "You get a lot done, but always take your time about doing it."... so I guess that's what counts, right?! My husband can still pull an all-nighter if he has to, and I think he actually enjoys the stress of doing things last-minute.

Molly Smith said...

Thanks, Ann! lol I definitely work better under pressure and have tried to change that .... forever! I got it from my dad (who I think is the best businessman EVER) so that is one of my excuses to just be who I am when it is convenient (I have a list of excuses to put things off, of course).

Sending you sunshine! xo

Ann said...

When it comes to organizing I'm merely a wanna be. I have very good intentions but because I'm also a HUGE procrastinator it just never happens. Maybe we should start a club, "Procrastinators Anonymous"

Jennifer said...

I like the organizing webiste Aby has a lot of great organizing tips and she does it with a lot of creativity.

Pierre, SD

Molly Smith said...

Thanks for dropping by and commenting, Jennifer! And I really appreciate the link. There are a ton out there and having one recommended is awesome! I really like this one. ~Molly

Jennifer said...

Molly- you may also want to try the book "Organizing for the Creative Person" by Dorothy Lehmkuhl. Creative people need different organizing styles than others because they see things in a different way.

You can also search for professional organizers in your area at There might be someone close to your area that could give you more organizing ideas.


Molly Smith said...

Thanks, AGAIN!, Jennifer! ~Molly