Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fun Folded Fan Cards

These are very easy to create using coordinating papers and blank cards.

The fans are 2.5" x 8", accordion folded lengthwise at 1/4". I score my folds first with a quilling needle tool and ruler. Pinch and gather at the bottom and hold with a clip or clothespin. Turn over flat and glue underneath to hold the fan shape.

Make a punched flower or use another embellishment if you don't quill. The loose tendrils are strips of paper cut 1/16" wide. Wrap the strips loosely around a toothpick or small dowel and adjust the tension to your liking. Or you may want to or draw, paint or print a flourish.

I like to make matching embossed tags, use distressed ink or chalk and a craft thread through the eyelet.

I am thinking Christmas fan cards using some beautiful papers I bought too late last year :)

Have fun!


Lisa Mala6 said...

Molly- love this design too. I'll have to give it a try. Love your work.

Terry Ricioli said...

These would look beautiful framed, too!

Hugz~Dixie said...

I just love this little fans. You are so talented.


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