Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time Saving Bookmarks for 2009

Do you ever Google, Ask or search for information and get sidetracked or caught up in the link-news-image-map maze? I do, a lot. And the result is my spending way too much time finding my simple answer or realizing the searched info was not that important after all. I resort to my six-link Reference Page.

These are my six links.

I can remember
Reference Desk being my first reference link years ago, and it is ... well, click on it and see the mass of data for yourself.

I just added
ZDNet Technical Dictionary. I wish I had this link two years ago when I was emailed the question "what is a blog?". I thought I knew but researched to make sure my answer, given hours later, was correct. is similar to the ZDNet link but in an encyclopedia format.

I use
iTools primarily for the language tools-- to quickly translate text or a web page from English to other languages.

ASK for Kids is self-explanatory. I don't trust Google Safe Search so I keep this link on my tool bar for the grand kids :)

And last but not least,
NoNags is operated by one of the first people I met on AOL in 1995. When Windows was released he taught me how to use a browser. He also showed me the first animated image on the WWW, as it was called. [I remember it was a mug of beer traveling down a bar on a restaurant website in Arizona.] So we go back a ways :o) He is brilliant and this is where you want to go-- to quickly find ANY free or shareware application. He tests, scans, reviews and does all the work for you.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, productive, successful, time of your life in 2009. Cheers!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion

I am so dang excited about my listings on Monday in my Etsy Shop that I don't have enough time to talk about it. So here is a big shout-out: Please visit and look. Maybe this will answer that reoccurring question I get from family and friends .. "Now what exactly do you do?".

And I will be there until the last week for you last minute shoppers! :O)

My Etsy Shop


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