Thursday, March 13, 2014

Inchie Art - St. Patrick's Day Theme

If I told you how old this frame is, you wouldn't believe me. Still had the price tag on it. I have two more I need to use, red & blue, round. Hello, my name is Molly and I'm a craft hoarder :)

I made this little inchie frame for the front entrance. It is small but fits perfectly in an empty spot.

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Friday!


Ann said...

I LOVE that, it's adorable. I would believe you if you told me how old the frame was because I'm a craft hoarder too :)

leslierahye strickland said...

Love this Molly! It's precious!

Terry Ricioli said...

Love it! I'm guessing about 25 years old (only because I have stuff from around then, too!) Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Terri said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! I love this. Love making & creating with Inchies.


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