Monday, August 26, 2013

Affordable Light Box

My most productive hours in the day seem to be at night. I've been taking product photos near a window during a 2-hour range around noontime -- often losing track of time. 

I finally decided I wanted to try to use a light box so I asked for one for our anniversary

My husband came through and built one beyond my expectations. 

The box is 18x18x24" and cost $1.30
He cut out 14" holes with rounded corners on sides and top

Three 5.5" clamp lights were $7 each (Home Depot)

A 4-pack of Daylight fluorescent 23W spiral bulbs (equivalent to 100 watts) was $11.

He already had the blue painter's tape, white tissue paper (one sheet per side/top) and used the matte side of white wrapping paper to make the inside infinity wall. He built the wood pieces for the side lamps and put a grill on top so the light is closest to the opening.

This is a pic of a my husband's marble bracelet I photographed late one night, on a piece of bead felt. I always put a piece of white paper in my photos so I can adjust the contrast easier before cropping.

This is a man's paper bead bracelet I am listing this week: the first pic I took in the light box. I am going to enjoy this :)

Thank you for stopping by!

Have a great end of August this week :)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Simple Back to School Quilled Card

I cannot believe school starts here in two weeks. August is flying by. I should be working on my store items (I have decided to open next month) and instead, worked on this quilled card today. I used 1/8-inch strips, all 16" long. The tip of the pencil is a cone I flattened. The brown paper for the lead is 3". I crimped a silver strip for the bottom of the eraser.

This is the same pencil design of my Apples & Pencils Provo Craft stickers that are now retired.

Have a fantastic week!


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