Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quilled Snowflakes

From the Archives:

Snowflakes are SO easy. You need a coiled center and three basic shapes in groups of six. Nineteen pieces  as big or small as you like and you have a lovely snowflake!

I like making them to tie on packages or give as ornament gifts. Below, I used white gold on edge English paper strips. I like this paper, it is thinner and easier to use with miniature pieces. I buy my gilded on edge paper from Whimsiquills.

(Click on the photos to enlarge.)

This is approximately 1-1/2 inches in diameter. When making these I try to hide all paper seams and no traces of glue can show anywhere, especially on the back.

English crimson quilling strips with shiny metallic silver edge.

Silver holofoil on white English paper strips.

These simple and easy snowflakes are in my book. So small they fit as candy toppers and on trinket matchboxes.

 This is one of my largest I have made for hanging as wall art. It is 12" in diameter and made from 1-inch wide crimped strips of construction paper. I only used four shapes plus the center coil. The strips are 12 inches in length. The crimping makes it more sturdy and I used a wooden dowel to roll the strips. I finished it by spraying very lightly with a glitter spray.

I made this pink snowflake many years ago. The instructions can be found HERE on the NAQG website. 

I made this snowflake project for a magazine in 2008 and you can find the instructions HERE.  It is double rolled using two colors. I was disappointed in the quality/size on their website so I made a super large one you can view (and use for a pattern) by clicking the photo.

And lastly, I have a page HERE with several different types of easy snowflakes, patterns, instructions, tips and project suggestions.

Enjoy and have a fantastic day!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Glow-in-the-Dark Wall Art

I came across a blog project that made me think Holy Cow, WOW...  Lisa Fulmer is a marketing strategy and communications specialist, a mixed media artist, a crafter, a consultant for small businesses and a creative project designer. I personally know her talent as a professional demonstrator, a fantastic singer and actor (as Marilyn). She is one of the friendliest people I know that I haven't met in person. You may also know Lisa from the recent TLC show Craft Wars. She assisted her crafting friend Andrea Currie and they WON their episode - and a $10,000.00 prize!

Lisa used puffy paint™ from iLoveToCreate on a .... well, I will let you read and see for yourself, below.

Glow in the Dark Fabric Panels
click the link above 
and be sure to check out the other puffy paint projects at the end of Lisa's post

Of course my mind starting racing trying to think of how I could use the puffy paint™ (perhaps in a quilling glue bottle with a smaller tip) on pretty paper with a similar effect. After sleeping on it, I have decided to make a smaller paper, framed wall hanging for the kitchen. A coffee motif, with a touch of quilled-looking something, that I will see when the lights are out every night while skipping off to bed.

I will post it here soon.

Thank you, Lisa Fulmer, for letting me share your unique project.

Everyone have a great week!