Friday, September 2, 2011

Google Chrome

I love using the Chrome browser and cannot get on Facebook without it. I've been told that playing games on Facebook [ I don't ] is better with Chrome. It also loads the Pinterest Pin on the tool bar whereas my IE did not. The way it tracks History - by day and time - is great. I use both browsers for different reasons, but Chrome has some user-friendly features ... like remembering your most used websites and the last pages you closed. Super time-savers :)

You can quickly configure and pick a personal background page. As you can see, I use the quilling theme created by Yulia Brodskaya!

Happy September!
Happy crafting!
Everyone have a great weekend!


kiddo said...

Yes, Chrome is a very good browser. I love the theme you chose! I usually use Mozilla Firefox which has a few similar functions like Chrome:)
Wish you a wonderful weekend!

Ann said...

I've never tried Chrome. I got tired of IE though and switched to Firefox and really like that.
Have a great long weekend.

Nati said...

very good, thanks for sharing!


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