Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Facebook Quilling (paper) Group

Would you like to help Lori and I with the Facebook Quilling (paper) group as an admin?

We are looking for two one current member who is familiar with the NAQG organization to answer any questions or direct inquiries to the website. Also it is important if you check into Facebook at least once every one or two days. 

We mainly need assistance with accepting member requests which is a new requirement with the open group format that Facebook has implemented. The admin would also assist in deleting spam posts and/or inappropriate photos; this doesn't happen very often but it is important to remove them off the page when they show up.

You can email me or comment here if you would like to help with the group. There are now 1,080 members ... the largest quilling group on Facebook.

Thanks and have a fun day!


Asma' Ahmad Bahari (As) said...

m quillers from malaysia. can i join? :)

Molly Smith said...

Yes, As! Thank you for joining. I am following your blog. Your quilling is gorgeous, absolutely beautiful! ~Molly

Crafterkhush said...

I am a quiller from India and am on FB pratically 24*7.. Can I be of any help??

Molly Smith said...

Hello, Khush!

Thank you so much for offering! It entails very little of your time, but the fact you are on the computer and never sleep, helps a lot :o)

I will email you shortly. Thanks again! ~Molly

Philippa said...

Not sure I know enough about the NAQG organisation just yet for me to qualify, Molly, but it looks like you've already got some excellent volunteers.

Baukje said...

wonderful your work is beautiful!
Greetings Baukje

Hugz~Dixie said...

Wow! Those little potted wonders are great. You are so clever and talented.


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