Saturday, February 12, 2011

Last Minute Valentine Favor Boxes


This is another version of my tall favor boxes. This size is for the smaller petite baking cups (1.24" 3.2 cm). Depending on your candy, about three or four paper cups fill a box. You can also fill with small toys or money!

Here is the template I made showing the size and score measurements. The blue lines are cut lines; red dots indicate the pieces of the template that you will cut off and discard. I used a corner rounder punch for the top flap piece. In addition, I also cut the side flaps at the top of the box in half (not shown in the blank photo).

This is what your box should look like before assembly.

Before I assembled, I used a circle cutter to make a 1-inch window in the front of the box. I glued a square of clear cellophane inside over the cut-out.  First, the 3/4-inch flap on the side is adhered to the opposite side. I use a tape runner. I find it is easier to line up the flap to the side. Next, the bottom flaps are tucked in and the last one glued down. BAM! You have a box to embellish and fill with treats.

These are for the staff at my dad's home and filled with Butterfinger Mini's and Junior Mints. They are a bit plain, I used ribbon and conversation heart stickers from Michaels. So use your imagination to embellish your own little boxes.

Have a sweet Valentine's Day! XO



chillin with Quillin said...

The boxes are so adorable, neat gift idea!

Custom Quilling said...

What a wonderful idea... you always amaze me Molly!

Ann said...

These are great. For being "a bit plain" they sure do make a big impact. I'm sure these will be a hit. Thanks for sharing the template. With all the other little projects I have going I doubt that I'll have time to make these for Valentines Day but I see Easter boxes in the making :)

Happy Quilling said...

Molly, this looks so nice and so simple to get done! I definetely have to try this, and I mean not only for Valentine's but for all the ocasions when you need something nice to put a little gift in. I love all your work so much! So I added your blog in my blogroll, in order to be close to your work all the time. So I was wondering if you would also like to add my blog in your list, of course, if you like it. My blog is

Thanks a lot!
Diana from Happy Quilling

Fabrizio said...

Aren't those real darlings ! Happy Valentine to you too Molly ! I had a lovely heart shaped donut today ! :) Xoxoxo


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