Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quilled Tweets

A loud shout-out to my friend Lori who quills and creates the cutest, whimsical tweety birds on altered CDs and chipboard backgrounds, then embellishes into fabulous dimensional wall hangings, ornaments, wall decor pieces.

This is one of her darling Valentine's Day hangings. Check out her ItsLorraine Etsy Store and take a peek at the adorable Patriotic Tweets and uh-mazing prices!


Antonella said...

Hello Molly - Glad to see you back... Her work is very sweet... tweet, tweet :-)
Hugs, antonella :-)

charlene aka scrappygma said...

Hey how are you doing ???? This is just to cute. Miss ya bunches and think of you lots.

Lori said...

ahhhhhhh thank you Molly...
what a delightful way to start my day! Every single time I sit down to quill I think about the moment I saw your book and had to learn this beautiful art form.You're an inspiring teacher (and a very patient one too :-))and an awesome friend. hugs, hugs and more hugs ...

Thanks Antonella ...your work is gorgeous.

Molly Smith said...

Thanks ladies for stopping by!

Antonella, what a blast .. I hope to see in in NJ in May?!?

Hi Charlene, I don't miss the MB as much as knowing what is going on with you! :)

Lori, isn't it ironic that you are now teaching me different quilling styles? Think about it! LOL

hugs to all, xo

Niki_Meiners said...

That is so cute. I used to quill a bit. This could be my inspiration to do it again.

Molly Smith said...

Thanks for your comment, Niki. My friend Lori quills the cutest critters but her crazy birds are my favorite.

Consider your visit as a nudge to start quilling again :o)



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