Friday, July 24, 2009

Quilled Table Decorations

Quilling with Whimsiquills

I am linking to another blog post I really want to share.
(Thanks Lori)

Pat gives me too much credit and she has been such a good mentor, confidant, business associate and friend. I think this is so sweet to read.

And her table decorations are fabulous. Pat doesn't use a tool- uses her fingers, so I am tickled she got wooden skewers and used this technique! She made some beautiful big huskings and gorgeous flower designs! If you agree, please take a minute to let her know.

Thanks for dropping by. I'll be back after a short time away and will visit you! :)

Patrica Caputo has been quilling for more than thirty years and owns Whimsiquills, the mega quilling store that carries quilling papers, tools, kits, books, plus, a gazillion American, English and specialty papers. Order online, the eBay Store or via a US toll-free phone call. Be sure to check out her Quilling Reference Materials page.

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